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Marine litter

Remote Sensing of Marine Litter Workshop 2023
Generic meeting


RSML Workshop 2023
16/10/2023 - 17/10/2023 | All day

The theme of the workshop is: Today’s Possibilities, Tomorrow’s Innovation: State of the art, challenges and future directions”

Following a first exploratory phase with many studies carried out by a growing international research community, the Remote Sensing of Marine Litter Workshop provides an opportunity to take stock and analyse the most recent advances in the field, also in view of identifying the most relevant next steps on this topic, as well as for interacting and networking with international experts from different disciplines.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To present and promote discussion on the state-of-the-art (detection, identification, quantification and tracking) in remote sensing of marine litter and debris;
  • To encourage and promote the exchange of technical knowledge and ideas covering a broad range of technologies and techniques for remote sensing of marine litter and debris;
  • To assess the potential contribution of these technologies and techniques in contributing effectively to the monitoring of the marine litter and debris issue;
  • To identify novel techniques and technologies for future applications;
  • To stimulate the discussion about the most relevant next steps and directions to take in this research field;
  • To stimulate the loop closure between realistic capabilities of remote sensing, potential current and future applications, and needs of users and stakeholders (e.g. policy makers);
  • To provide a forum to foster relationships and contacts between space agencies, research institutes, academia, industry and users.