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How to Use the ESA Activities Platform

The ESA Activities platform is designed to support the dissemination of activities funded by the Discovery Element of ESA's Basic Activities while they are still running. is a publicly accessible website, containing an entry for each running activity. ESA Technical Officers and Contractors can access the authenticated area, with additional functionalities.

For Contractors

Contractors are strongly encouraged to use the platform while their activity is running. Once logged in, they are able to:

  • Update their activity: Contractors should update their activity description and share any published papers to keep the public, TOs and other stakeholders informed.
  • Coordinate meetings: Contractors can plan meetings directly on the platform.
  • Submit documents: The platform allows for the upload of reports and the submission of milestones.

For Technical Officers (TOs)

Through the platform TOs are able to access the necessary tools for monitoring activities:

  • Dashboard overview: TOs have access to a dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of all activities under their responsibility. This includes current, overdue, and upcoming milestones.
  • Receive activities updates: Successfully committed activities will appear on the platform within a maximum of one month. Idea authors are automatically added from the original OSIP idea submission.
  • Manage milestones: The dashboard allows TOs to monitor overdue and upcoming milestones easily. TOs can send reminders for reporting directly through the platform.
  • Follow activities: TOs can follow activities to stay updated. When inviting participants to Project Meetings (PMs) or Final Meetings, TOs should check who is following the activity and invite them as well.


How can I register and log in?

Registration is handled via the Open Space Innovation Platform OSIP ( Once registered on OSIP users can use the same credentials to log onto activities.

If you are experiencing problems with the self-registration, please consult the Help page of the OSIP platform.

I registered on OSIP, but my colleagues don't find my user to add to the activity as contributor.

You need to both register on OSIP and log in at least once on the Activities platform for the user to be available.

How can I best share publications done during the course of my activity?

When you edit your activity you have the option to publicly share references to the publications you created. Please use this as the preferred way to share activity related publications.