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Miniaturized sensor for long term monitoring of atomic oxygen degradation processes in VLEO mission



Organisational Unit
03 May 2024

Duration: 18 months


The main objective of this proposal is the design and preliminary testing of a sensor for the long term monitoring of atomic oxygen degradation processes of protective materials and coatings in VLEO. Long term measurement can be achieved since the technique allows monitoring thick layers of materials. In all these environments the very high ATOX fluence expected, as well as the expected residual atmosphere, can generate increased degradation rates. The analysis of these degradation rates can also help to understand the drag and lift suffered by the spacecraft in all these environments. The consortium in this proposal is conformed by AVS, an industrial partner with a very strong presence in space, which will provide user requirements and perspectives; IMSE, a research institute specialized in ASICs for space, helping to design a roadmap for extreme miniaturization; and UPC-IEEC acting as prime contractor. Finally, a close collaboration is planned with the ESTEC TEC-QEE labs for ATOX since several intensive experimental campaigns are planned at this laboratory.

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