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Revolutionizing Laser Stability: Exploring Microstructured Mirrors for Ultrastable Cavities



Organisational Unit
29 January 2024

Duration: 24 months


Ultrastable cavities serve as the backbone of precision instruments in fields like gravitational wave detection, optical atomic clocks, and quantum computing. However, the performance of these instruments is limited by noise processes within the optical components [1,2]. To overcome these limitations and drive innovation, we propose a research project focused on microstructured mirrors. ​Microstructured mirrors offer exciting possibilities for achieving unity reflection coefficients with a single subwavelength layer, presenting a significant departure from traditional Bragg mirrors. Building on our success with a microstructured silicon mirror boasting a finesse of 12,000 [3,4], we aim to explore alternative materials such as gallium nitride, titania, and diamond. ​Through meticulous theoretical material studies, we have identified these materials as promising candidates for reducing mechanical losses and enhancing stability [5]. This project aims to investigate the noise properties and stability improvements of microstructured mirrors, pushing the boundaries of laser stability to new frontiers. ​By embracing innovation, originality, and a willingness to take calculated risks, we aspire to realize a significant leap forward in laser stability. Our goal is to unlock unprecedented precision and extend the operational range of ultrastable cavities, even into the visible spectral range. ​Aligned with the objectives of the Open Space Innovation Platform, this research project promises to contribute to advancements in spaceborne laser experiments. By leveraging microstructured mirrors, we seek to redefine the limits of laser stability, paving the way for groundbreaking applications and discoveries in various scientific disciplines. ​Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to unleash the full potential of ultrastable cavities, pushing the boundaries what is achievable. Together, we can revolutionize laser stability and propel the frontiers of precision instruments.

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Revolutionizing Laser Stability: Exploring Microstructured Mirrors for Ultrastable Cavities