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Sustainable Thermal joint workmanship validation by smart material



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20 December 2023

Duration: 18 months


Touch Sensity (TS) develop an innovative technology allowing to monitor any stresses happening on a material such as pressures, tractions, deformations and damages, in real time, remotely, and without using sensors. This solution detects mechanical stresses, characterize it, measure their intensity and locate it as a 2D/3D mapping. It meet needs in structural health monitoring in exploitation or on tests benches, offering part stresses whole and global vision.
Thales Alenia Space (TAS) specialized in the construction of satellites, is looking for a new solution to improve significantly Thermal interface knowledge answering the increasing power and reduced die size of Satellite payloads and units. TAS, in close collaboration with ESA and TOSEDA companies, works on development of new, more efficient products, in particular the thermal pastes and films that will equip future satellites (Space Inspire-Copernicus). TAS is thus positioned at the forefront of innovation in terms of thermal insulation.
However, the current way to validate thermal joint workmanship and identify potential Thermal decoupling link to mechanical stress on the thermal joint, is to test the object in function and under its working conditions. For satellites, it means to run tests under strict vacuum which eliminates convection effect and highlight underlying issues: it is cost and time consuming to achieve.
A possible way to go around those tests and cope with environmental targets is to characterize the good application of the thermal joints by dynamic reading of the applied pressures on TIMs.
Then to improve its resilience, its competitiveness and reduce its carbon footprint, TAS and TS collaborate to develop a technological breakthrough that will have a major impact on industrial process.
With TS new low industrial impact technology using smart material changing their properties under pressure, TAS could be able to map and assess the applied thermal joint is able to correctly fulfill its purpose.

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Sustainable Thermal joint workmanship validation by smart material