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Spectroscopic radiation hard imaging detector for observation, astronomy and space dosimetry



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17 October 2023

Duration: 14 months


Game-changer for spectroscopic imaging and radiation monitoring in space and on Earth using a novel GaAs-based X/γ-ray detector with high detection efficiency, spatial resolution of 55 um, and energy resolution in a few hundred eV over a wide energy range. The project aims to develop a space-proof prototype MiniPIX TPX3 space detector with a novel GaAs sensor that is flip-chip bonded to the TPX3 module at Advafab Oy. A commercial MiniPIX TPX3 space detector with a Si sensor (from Advafab Oy) has been manufactured by Advacam s.r.o for radiation monitoring of astronauts and electronics in space. In this project, the Si pixel sensor will be replaced by the novel GaAs-based pixel sensor manufactured using our original techniques, which include high-uniform Cr-compensation of the semiconductor crystal, efficient surface processing, multilayer contact deposition, and fine pixel structure formation. The distinguishing features of the created sensor will be a more comprehensive radiation sensitivity range compared to Si, higher energy resolution, and detection efficiency, in particular for higher energy gamma-rays. All these advantages will make it possible to use the novel GaAs sensor to develop effective instruments for spectroscopic measurements, radiation hard imaging, high-spatial-resolution observation, X/γ-ray and charged-particle dosimetry, etc. In addition, the project aims to improve the current state of the technology by manufacturing thicker GaAs sensors for higher energy absorption efficiency; formation of diode structures for reducing the leakage current and energy consumption of the GaAs by orders of magnitude; and evaluations of GaAs sensor processing without using photolithography steps. Thus, radiation hard detectors with high flux tolerance, degradation resistance, and better stability under severe irradiation will be fabricated.

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Spectroscopic radiation hard imaging detector for observation, astronomy and space dosimetry