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Probabilistic Data Structures for Secure and Reliable RISC-V Processor



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13 June 2023

Duration: 48 months


The proposed research activity will investigate the potential of checkers based on probabilistic data structures within the emerging open ISA RISC-V to completely change the design paradigm for functional safety and hardware security in microprocessor architectures. On the safety side, the constant trend toward intelligent systems at the edge (such as autonomous driving vehicles but also AI on-board satellites) is pushing to adopt stringent functional safety Failure rate (FIT) goals that can only be matched by adopting fault-tolerant techniques at the microprocessor level. On the security side, there are currently several proposals for ISA extension to provide cryptographic security primitives and create trusted execution zones; however, the emergence of trust and architectural vulnerability issues requires to detect the possible presence of Hardware Trojans Horses (HTH) and exploits such as Spectre and Meltdown. Therefore there is a need to study architectural countermeasures to defuse HTHs and, at the same time, circumvent micro-architectural flaws that architectural side-channel attacks could exploit. The ambition of this project is to focus on the design of combined techniques in the RISC-V platform to address concurrently the high safety and high security emerging requirements, thus providing an overall highly dependable processor architecture. In particular, this project will explore the potential of the use of checkers based on probabilistic data structures, for example, Bloom Filters, that are usually applied to networking packets inspection and apply them to monitor the internal operation of a microprocessor core.

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Probabilistic Data Structures for Secure and Reliable RISC-V Processor