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Enhanced Observability of OBSW for enhanced testing



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07 December 2022

Duration: 12 months


A major concern when dealing with test, validation and in-flight fault diagnosis of On-Board Software which complexity is continuously increasing (software running on modern multi-core and System-on-Chip computers, interfacing multiple communication systems and FPGAs) is the level of observability that is provided to software engineers. Moreover, testing of security aspects is also an emerging challenge for new projects. Main objective of the study is to leverage the increasing processing capabilities and the availability of hardware monitoring components of modern on-board computers to augment the OBSW observability capabilities thanks to innovative mechanisms. This increased observability will allow to shorten the test activities (facilitate self-testing, permanent monitoring, problem investigation, ...), increase the quality of the product, and reduce costs thanks to a better management of the product complexity. Then, part of the identified mechanisms could be activated in-flight to ease the complex task of fault diagnosis once the satellite is no longer physically reachable.

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New concepts for onboard software development
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Generic for multiple space applications
Enhanced Observability of OBSW for enhanced testing