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Audiovisual Feedback to Augmented Manual Activities During Space Walks



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06 May 2022

Duration: 12 months


In space, it is silent and auditory feedback is not available. However, such feedback has a high impact on the quality of manual work. Precise audiovisual feedback can ensure that tasks are performed optimally, e.g, when using a tool or disconnecting a cable. For this reason, we will support the work in the silence of space by Augmented Reality (AR) auditive and visual feedback system. Astronauts can use the system during spacewalks. It then emits realistic synthetic sounds according to the current task or activity. The astronaut will be further supported by visual elements to provide the highest possible level of feedback. To realize this objective, elementary tasks in space are analyzed first. For these tasks, we will detect and track important tools and parts, e.g., by a camera system. Having this information, and according to the work step or activity of the astronaut, the correct audio and corresponding visualization is rendered. An example is the tightening of a screw with a cordless screwdriver. The screwdriver will be detected and augmented by a realistic sound like the striking of metal or humming of the motor. Furthermore, a visual augmentation via the astronaut's HUD will support the process flow by enhancing the real world with additional information like the current progress, next steps, or as in this example the direction of rotation of the screwdriver. The system will enhance activities in space by providing audiovisual feedback. The augmentation by audio gives the astronauts a confirmation during the activity, which may lead to a more natural and precise execution of the task. The visual aspect additionally provides a visual confirmation during the manufacturing, display additional information, and can lead the astronaut through the process step by step.

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Audiovisual Feedback to Augmented Manual Activities During Space Walks