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Space finance & insurance hub (SFIH)



Organisational Unit
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Implementation progress
10 February 2022

Duration: 12 months


This proposal aims at building and operating in the next 12 months a virtual community and knowledge base,  dedicated to Financing & (re)Insuring Space-related activities, named “Space Finance & Insurance  HUB” (SFIH). Space Cooperative Europe SCE (Germany) with Startin´blox (France) and stakeholders from the finance & (re)insurance community, academia, policymakers and industry will bridge the information gap and develop an application supporting innovative solutions for the Space sector:

  • to bring more transparency to this market
  • to increase the visibility of the Space-related activities
  • to share information about the role of each actor (who is doing what? EC, ESA, EIB, etc...)
  • to build a stronger network between SMEs, insurers and investors
  • to support deal flow

Joining this community, all the stakeholders like ESA, European Commission, Member States, the Space industry, entrepreneurs, bankers, (re)insurers and investors, will be able:

  • to learn about Financing & (re)Insuring Space-related activities and assets
  • to search, find and access knowledge, information and resources in a standardised way in one place
  • to exchange ideas, cooperate with and learn from peers   - to contribute to the growth of the Knowledge Base by sharing resources and information
  • to stimulate the Financing & (re)Insuring market(s) related to Space
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Knowledge to boost space activities (KM campaign)
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SPACE FINANCE & INSURANCE HUB (SFIH) Discovery Ideas Channel Studies evaluation 2021-06